ATM, Internet Jukebox and Amusement Machines


  • Touchscreen Video by JVL & Merit
  • Internet Jukeboxes by Touchtunes & AMI
  • Video Games like Golden T Golf, Silver Stike Bowling and Big Buck Hunter
  • Pinball Machines
  • Electronic Darts
  • Shuffle Alley
  • Pool Tables
  • Redemption



Tri-County Amusement Company, Inc. has been servicing bars, taverns, restaurants, and convience stores in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area and the Tri State area for over 60 years. We believe that the customer always comes first in the amusement business. We offer our customers the newest and most popular amusement games and jukeboxes available while paying the highest commissions in the industry!!!

When it comes to Amusement Machines we are always ahead of the game. Whether you want the latest and most popular video and arcade games or jukebox equipment that adds thrills (and profits), you can count on Tri-County Amusement Inc. so surf around, and see what’s waiting for you. View Our Products From Merit and JVL touch screen video games to Touchtunes and AMI internet jukeboxes, Video Games like Golden T Live and Silver Strike Bowling, Shuffle Alleys, Dart Machines by Arachnid, Valley pool tables, Pinball Machines, Redemption Crane and Lighthouse machines. Tri-County Amusement Inc. offers the hottest products and the most responsive service to keep our and your customers satisfied.

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