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ATM 50/50 Service

This service is for the location owner who owns an ATM machine and no longer wants to tie up thier cash in the ATM or for the location owner who does not want to buy a machine but has the cash and know how to fill the machine.

Tri-County supplies the machine OR the cash and all service and maintenance. You the location owner supplies the other. Tri-County pays you 50 percent of the agreed upon surcharge in a monthly check based on transaction volumes and the amount of the surcharge.

It’s that easy with Tri-County ATM 50/50 service.

Are you looking for a great way to increase the value of your location? Get cash! Tri-County’s ATM’s offers a great way to not only keep your customers on location, but to keep them coming back for more, Add an ATM at your location to instantly add these benefits:

  • Increased amount of spendable cash at your place of business
  • Keep your customers on-site longer
  • Gain more traffic simply by adding an ATM

It is no secret that locations with an ATM machine naturally attract more customers. Why? American’s usually plan their trips, outings, and recreational activities around being able to have some form of access to their money.

Tri-County’s ATM’s offers ATM services for the retail, bar/restaurant, convience store and hospitality industries. We will install an ATM at your facility, perform all needed maintenance on the machine, and keep it loaded with cash for your customers. With a Tri-County ATM, you can have all of the benefits of having an ATM at your location with absolutely no cost to you.

Our level of service ensures you get all of the benefits of having an ATM machine with none of the worries PLUS your location will receive a commission based on transaction volumes.

This is an easy way to set up another income stream for your business AND give your customers peace of mind, convenience, and more money to spend at your location. This truly is a win-win situation and it’s just one of the many benefits of being a client of Tri-County’s ATM.


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