ATM, Internet Jukebox and Amusement Machines


  • ATM’s
  • Internet Jukeboxes
  • Video Games
  • Pinball Machines
  • Electronic Darts
  • Shuffle Alley
  • Pool Tables
  • Home Sales


Sales and Service

Tri County Amusement, Inc. knows each business has specific needs. At Tri County Amusement, Inc., our sales personnel understands the importance of recognizing those specific needs by consulting with you to perform a complimentary target market analysis and site survey. Once we are able to advise you of the best equipment and/or program for your business, we can have you operational, functional and profitable in a matter of days.

Partnering with Tri County Amusement, Inc. enables you to profit from our history, contacts, knowledge, advantages and know how. Throughout our company, you will come to know professional and experienced individuals committed to enabling you to cash in and accelerate your goals fueled by today’s electronic commerce.

We offer a traditional hassle-free, no cost Full-Service Program. This Program is designed to maximize solutions for your business needs. Simply imagine the opportunity to have an Video Gaming Terminal,  ATM, Credit Card Processing,  Amusement Equipment or Internet Jukebox, working for you . . . WITHOUT the concerns of costs, security headaches, cash, compliance issues and time loss. With our Full-Service Program we provide, the equipment, installation, connectivity, maintenance, as well as handle the dispensing requisites of cash fulfillment. You do nothing except point the way to the location and then cash your commission check once a month. We take care of everything else. Its That Easy.

Call Us At 215.288.3030. We Will Lead You Towards Profitability